Summer camp

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The summer camp experience is unique. Nowhere else can children have the opportunity to learn so much, have so much fun, and grow so much, all in the same place.

Camp Dixie is a summer camp dedicated to helping children mature and develop a strong moral character. This page is aimed to helping parents with the important choices involved in sending your child to summer camp. If this information is helpful to you, we hope you will consider Camp Dixie in your hunt for the proper summer camp. Wherever your child does go this summer, we hope they have lots of fun.

We plan to develop further the topics discussed on this page and expand on to new topics. If you have any questions you would like to see answered on this page, or have something of your own to add please email us at

Should my child go?


Summer camp is fun. Let's not kid ourselves, having fun is what kids are all about. A fun experience at summer camp will get kids to want to go back. It's not everyday that a child can go swimming, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, play tennis, jump on a trampoline, learn woodcraft, and shoot rifles, all in a single day and under adult supervision. This goes on for a whole week, or more!

Personal growth

Shhhh, don't tell your children, but the real value of summer camp is not in having fun, but in what that summer camp experience can teach them. The best lessons aren't even lessons; they aren't taught as much as learned. These are things that can't be taught in any classroom. At summer camp the child must clean up, and watch out for, their own belongings, get to activities on their own, and in general must be more responsible for themselves than they are for most of the rest of the year. Consequences are quick to show, and directly relate to the child's actions. Take too long getting ready for horseback riding and you may not get to ride, or you might just hold up the entire class and make your friends mad.

Finding the right camp


No, not every kid will have fun at summer camp, not every summer camp is right for every child. Each camp tends to have their own philosophy and you need to find a summer camp whose philosophy matches your child's needs.


Simply put there are large camps, small camps, and every size in between. Small camps offer a greater level of individualized attention to campers, and often have a more "close knit" feel. Larger camps are able to offer more activities, and have a larger staff.

What if my child has a bad experience at camp?

Then your child has a bad experience. Unhappy is not the end of the world. There are no guarantees in life, but if you do your homework, research, talk to the camp director, and talk to parents who have sent their children to the camp, the worst that will happen is your child is unhappy at that camp. Maybe your child wont want to go back to any summer camp, but at least they had the chance. Don't send your child back to that summer camp. Most importantly, try to find out why your child was not happy at that summer camp. It can be difficult to get this kind of information out of a child sometimes but by finding out why the child was not happy at the previous camp you can try to avoid the same problems next time.

This page presented by: Camp Dixie